Ayurvedic Concept of Menopausal Syndrome


Ayurvedic Concept of Menopausal Syndrome

Menopause is defined as absence of Menstrual period for 12 months. There is no reliable lab test to predict when a woman will experience menopause. In India Average age of Menopause in around 48 years but it strikes Indian women as young as 30-35 years. So menopausal health demands even higher priority in Indian scenario. The term Rajonivritti means "End of ArtavaPravritti" or Cessation of menstruation as well as ovarian function. Rajonivrittti as a diseased condition is not described separately in the classics; Rajonivritti-kala is mentioned by almost all Acharyas. Due to changing lifestyle, food habits and socio-economic standards the age is decreasing. By taking into consideration all the references available in Ayurveda classics, efforts have been made to review critically the said subject in the light of Menopausal Syndrome mentioned in modern Medicine as the fundamentals of Ayurveda in this paper.

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